Contribution from Ralphs

Ralphs Grocery Stores have a program to help charitable organizations. ATASC has been accepted as a receiving organization. Here is what to do for us to benefit from this program.

1. Apply for a Ralph’s Card if you do not already have one. You can do it in the store -customer service desk – in 5 minutes. If you have one, find the 12 digit number at the back.

2. After you get home, link your card to ATASC

– Either call Card Hotline 1-800-660-9003, give them the 12 digit number at the back and tell them to link it to 91481.
– or get on the internet, register yourself with your card number and then go to community button on the left and when asked what volunteer organization, use number 91481.

3. After step 2, use the card for purchases. No need to do anything more. The electronics link them directly. Ralph’s pays on a sliding scale of 1%-4% maximum.

This does not effect in any way what you pay for groceries to Ralph’s. You still get all your Ralph’s card incentives in full. This is an extra charitable program from Ralphs’ own pocket.
The money will be used as a revenue for ATASC to improve ATASC/Chapter activities such as providing insurance for the events.