School Feedback

What Our Parents Say about Our School

1 Mel (Tibet’s mom):

Children aspire to speak what their peers speak more than what their parents speak. Turkish school is a great opportunity to expose children to their Turkish speaking peers. As a bonus, our teacher, Karin, is an excellent teacher. She is very warm and a knowledgable disciplinary at the same time, the best combination one can hope to have in a teacher. Overall, I am very glad my son is going through this experience.




2 Volkan Duygun:
Hi Karin,
This is a great opportunity for our kids who grow here as English their being native language to learn Turkish and practice Turkish. This is beyond learning Turkish. It is learning the Turkish culture, our values, our country and our history. As volunteers, you are doing a great job by dedicating your personal time on the weekend with no expectation. This is also a great opportunity to meet the parents of other kids and perhaps set up play dates to get to know each other better. This is how our community stays well connected and networked. One last point is about the beautiful library you are studying at. It is a great kid friendly facility with tons of information, books and games for kids with a playground outside. Now that I have a daughter who can benefit from this free service of LATAA, I appreciate it even more. It is a very good use of my kid’s time over the weekend. Thank you Karin and LATAA.
Best Regards,
Volkan Duygun
3 Ertugrul Taciroglu, Professor:
Dear All,
I second Volkan’s assessment.

LATAA Turkish school has been a great resource for our family. This event is usually the jewel of our weekends. Our son really enjoys his time at the school; we never had to offer him any bribes to attend ;).  This is also true for us because while they are learning about Turkish language and culture from their supremely capable teacher Karin, we get to interact with other parents—exchanging (potentially useless) parenting tips, or just gossiping around. The meeting venue is wonderful, and after class children go out to play at the nearby park, burning off lots of energy while having fun.As the American saying goes, it is a ‘win-win’ situation.


4 Elif Cercel & Berfin Haymes :

To the LATAA Board Members

Our children, Lara (nine) and Adam (six) have been attending Turkish school for more than three years and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity to teach our children our native language and to connect with other Turkish families living in Los Angeles. We think very highly of our teacher Karin who brings a wonderful mix of professionalism, and a caring, patient and warm temperament to the sessions. We especially value her experience and ability in teaching language to children which is an essential skill for this position. Karin has also done a great job in helping to bring the families together by organizing casual get-togethers at the park after class. We make every effort possible to attend classes regularly and our children’s Turkish has improved immensely. Both Lara and Adam can do basic reading and writing in Turkish and can have a simple conversation. They understand most of what is said to them. We would also like to add that the current location at the West Hollywood library works very well for us. We love the fantastic library building and the adjacent playground. We will continue to attend these classes and support them in any way we can.
Elif Cercel and Berfin Haymes
Parents of Lara and Adam Haymes