We invite you to become an active member and volunteer for LATAA.  Remember that LATAA members are just like you: every-day people who are too busy to organize their own events or have recently moved to the area and are looking to meet new people. Together we will become your best resource for fun, socializing, business networking, and more.

Our membership benefits include:
– Discounts to LATAA, ATASC, and Sister Chapter (OCTAA, VATAN) Events
– Discounts to LATAA Movie Nights
– Safe place to keep your emergency contact information in case something happens to you
– Membership fees are tax deductible

Memberships last through December 31st and must be renewed every calendar year. Memberships made after September 30th count for the following year.

If you’d like to become a member, please fill out the form below, then submit your payment by Paypal or by check at this address:

LATAA, P.O. Box 3053, Beverly Hills, California 90212-3053

LATAA Membership Form

Please note that your membership is not complete until you make a payment to LATAA through Paypal or by check.

LATAA would like to keep an emergency contact on file in case something happens to you and we need to reach out to family and friends: