2017 LATAA General Assembly and Elections



Dear LATAA and Community Members,

LATAA Elections and General Assembly meeting will be held on Sunday, February 5th, 2017, at Fairfax Farmers Market Community Room, second floor, between 10.30 am. to 2.50 pm.

LATAA is looking for BOD members with aspiration and commitment to serve our Turkish American community in Los Angeles area.  We have 3 positions for this election, Secretary, Membership Chairperson, and Member At Large Chairperson. These are two year term positions.

In accordance with the LATAA Bylaws, the candidate who meets the following criteria may run for the LATAA Board:

  • a member in good standing with LATAA and/or other ATASC Chapters
  • a resident of Los Angeles County.

Please e-mail us your intent letter and CV at info@laturks.org, telling us how you are qualified and what your plans are, if elected as a Board Member for LATAA.

We will be serving food, hot tea and soft drinks to attendees.

Only the members who have paid their dues, in accordance with the bylaws to end of the year, are entitled to vote. Voting and nominations by written proxy shall be accepted for only two proxies for each attending member

If you are unable to come to the elections, you can fill a proxy form and give voting rights to a friend. Please note that verbal communication is not acceptable in order to protect the integrity of the elections and proxy form is mandatory (as noted above, no member can vote for more than 2 other members as proxy). Download the proxy form here


Thank you for your interest and support.

LATAA, Board of Directors